You’re very likely aware that the hormone testosterone gave you your unique male characteristics as you reached your teen years, Traits like more muscle, and hair on your body. But lower testosterone levels as you age can cause problematic symptoms.

At Primex Cellular Health our and our incredible team lead by Dr Eric Fete tests men for low testosterone via Tele-health or live at our 2 offices in Columbus & Zanesville, Ohio. If you have low in T, we typically recommend a form of hormone optimization called TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy to bring your hormones back to optimal levels.

So how do I know if I have low T? Read on to find out.

Loss of energy and drive

Testosterone energizes you. And it helps keep it with strong muscles and bones. Low testosterone drains your energy, leading to fatigue and lack of motivation. That can translate into emotional problems, including depression and stress. Low T can also affect your sleep, making it hard to well rested. Lack of sleep disrupts your hormones, so you make even less testosterone. It’s a domino effect, but we offer solutions.

You’re gaining bodyfat faster than ever

Even when you gather the energy to do a hard workout, it’s not giving you the results you used to get. But you haven’t altered your diet. So why the different outcomes?

A change in your hormones — specifically lower T — could be the problem. When you have enough T, you easily make and keep muscle mass. Muscles are super powerful energy metabolizers, which is why you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted and still maintain a lean and fit appearance and feeling.

When your testosterone drops, you can’t build muscle as efficiently. Instead, you start to gain fat, especially around your belly. Excess bodyfat produces the hormone estrogen, which creates further reduction with your Testosterone levels.

The best part of all this is, you’re not getting fatter and flat because of a lack of work. There’s a solution: Fixing your T levels will help you achieve a stronger body. Not only does optimizing your testosterone build your muscles, but it also builds up your bones, reducing your risk for bone diseases.

Lowered feelings of confidence

If you’re feeling noticeably less confident at work, socially and physically, this could be a sign of lower T as well.

Sex becomes like a chore

If you’ve been avoiding sex, or just not into it anymore, a lot of times it’s not related to any emotional issues or lack of desire. When your testosterone drops, your libido does as well.

Left at low levels low T can even affect your ability to keep an erection, a condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Optimizing and safely replacing your testosterone is possible

You may have low testosterone, but that doesn’t mean that you must give in to it. At Primex Cellular Health, we test all your hormones including your testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, and other hormones to find out if you’d benefit from Primex testosterone replacement therapy.

The benefits of Primex TRT include:

  • Weight Loss & Reduce Waist Size
    TRT has been shown to provide fast & sustained weight loss, reduction in belly size and lower bodyfat in men
  • Improve focus and mental clarity
    In patients with Low-T, testosterone therapy can improve mental function and cognition.
  • Lean Muscle Growth and Size
    TRT causes a dose dependent increase in the volume of muscle (muscle size) by causing lean muscle fiber hypertrophy.
  • Enhanced Energy & Performance
    Patient feedback shows that increases in energy are most often perceived during the first 3 months of TRT.
  • Reduced or No ED
    Those little blue pills may not solve your ED problems related to ED. The bigger solution is TRT.


You don’t have to struggle anymore with the symptoms of low testosterone. To schedule a test at our offices in Columbus or Zanesville, Ohio or by Tele-health call us at 1-740-777-9717 or email:

By Dr Eric Fete D.O.- Founder/CEO Primex Cellular Health