Hormone Replacement Therapy


Over age 40 and struggling with balancing hormones?

Finally a way to optimize my hormones that’s SAFE and WORKS!

Are you not feeling like your energetic old self? Are you always feeling fatigued, aged, unmotivated, and weak?

When searching for a hormone replacement therapy doctor near you, check out Dr. Eric Fete. He takes a holistic approach to your individual needs. Hormone therapy is not just for women, men are in no way immune to midlife changes. Andropause, male menopause, is a result of hormonal changes that can profoundly affect physical health and well-being in men, particularly mood, libido, and energy levels.

Let Me Help You!

We will help you identify the symptoms of hormonal deficiencies and work with you to create a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. We’ll help you choose the best method of hormone therapy, if you eventually require it, and achieve the hormone level that’s right for you. We do not use synthetic hormones.

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We only use bio-identical hormones, which are an exact match to the hormones produced by your body, and may renew your vitality more effectively than synthetic hormones.

Whether it’s testosterone optimization or peptide therapy, we will pick the right solution for you!

Dr. Eric Fete is a hormone replacement therapy doctor that’s near you via tele-health or in person and ready to help you tackle hormone imbalances and more.