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Everything you need to know to do LESS AGING and MORE LIVING

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Click I WILL BE THERE and save your spot for our next class on age management, hormones, and the (not so) secret to living an extraordinary life! During this live event, you will learn what hormone replacement therapy is, why it’s so important to your health, and how you can begin your journey to healthy living.

Here are the details for this Free Wellness Event:

  • Why – If you are thinking about starting hormones, this is the most comprehensive session you can join to learn about treatment before making an appointment
  • What – You will learn the science that explains the power behind hormone replacement. See below for more details
  • When – Virtually!
  • Where – Join in from your laptop/desktop via Zoom
  • Who – Led by Dr. Eric Fete

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    During This FREE Live Event, You Will:

    Learn about hormones. We will break down the various hormones your body produces when you are young and explain why, as you age, your body suffers from a lack of the hormones it needs. As a result, you will feel fatigued, have brain fog, a loss of muscle mass, low sex drive, poor sleep, and probably some weight gain.

    How hormone optimization affects your long-term health.

    Most traditional doctors don’t understand the risk of poor hormone production on the body, so they don’t properly educate their patients about the benefits of healthy hormone levels. In this class, you will learn how important hormones are to shield you from potential ageonset diseases helping to maintain optimal health.

    Hormone deficiencies don’t only affect women; men can struggle as well. We can help you learn about testosterone therapy and how bioidentical hormones can help you. Functional medicine can help you protect your overall health and help you learn about age management services.

    Meet Peptides. Peptides are tiny molecules that can literally change your life and provide you with hormone optimization. During this seminar, I will talk about the various peptides this office offers and what they can do to improve your well-being.

    Get an overview on all our wellness services. Hormones are a foundation for living well. But, there are more ways to take an active role in maintaining a healthy you and being proactive about anti-aging practices! We will share with you all the treatments we offer that range from supplementation to great hair to powerful intimacy and weight loss! Plus, we offer peptides that if used properly, can be a fountain of youth for not only our female patients but men as well.

    Learn How to Get Started. If you are interested in getting started after this seminar, we will review what you need to do to schedule an appointment for hormone therapy.

    Answer Your Questions Live. This is not pre-recorded training. Join us live, and you will be able to get all your questions from a real member of our staff.