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Dr. Eric performs individual consults for men and women experiencing such issues as menopausal symptoms, weight gain, loss of energy, libido, and mental clarity. Hormone Replacement Therapy can be the service you have been searching for. Dr. Eric will use bioidentical hormones to mimic the naturally occurring ones in your system as closely as possible. If you’ve been looking for hormone optimization options near you, call us today!

Do you suffer from:

If so, let’s find out why you feel this way and fix it!

Once you have this, you will understand the cause of your symptoms and learn how to make the changes necessary to start feeling great again.

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Get all of your hormone, health, age-management, nutrition, and training questions answered! Dr. Eric specializes in hormone optimization therapy and can help you to regulate your hormone levels. Bioidentical hormones are plant-based hormones engineered to mimic your body’s natural ones, such as testosterone or estrogen. Using these can help your body regulate and return to normal, functioning levels.

Your consultation will include a review of any lab test results that were done by an outside company. There are many struggles that a hormone imbalance can cause you.

After your consultation, Dr. Eric will create personalized recommendations as well as ongoing support options to improve your hormonal health and wellness!

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