Everyone wants to get fit and jacked, right?  Well, even weekend warriors and those just looking to get in shape can benefit from exercise.  With exercise comes the potential for injury and soreness. 

Even experienced trainees and athletes can get fatigued, sore, and damaged if proper prevention and recovery are not done on a regular basis. We all know that muscles grow and tissues heal during rest, not during the actual workout; hence the importance of proper recovery. Health optimization with nutrition, hormones and Therapeutic Peptides can take recovery to the next level!

The Essentials of Recovery:

  • Time
  • Rest
  • Sleep
  • Essential Nutrition

One must take time off for de-loads, off weeks, and straight-up rest (no exercise) Not to mention active recovery methods such as walking, gentle yoga, tai-chi, massage, sauna therapy, acupuncture and more.

Peptides can enhance the normal process of tissue repair, speeding the sequence of events that must take place for full recovery.

Certain peptides can increase blood flow to your muscles and facilitate the shuttling of vital proteins and enzymes involved in the healing process to the site of damaged tissue.

Peptides can also enhance the basic recovery processes by encouraging better sleep quality and reducing general soreness after workouts.  All of this means getting back in the gym or on the field or track faster!

Key Peptides for Faster Recovery

There are many peptides that can aid in the process of recovery- here are a few.

  • Thymosin Beta 4/BPC-157: Powerful molecules that promote blood flow and tissue repair.
  • Mechano Growth Factor (MGF): Known for its powerful influence over muscle growth.  Traumatized muscle cells are induced to split, creating new cells that lead to muscle growth and repair.
  • IGF-1: Considered one of the most important growth factors produced naturally.
  • BPC-157: Signaling peptide that promotes healing of soft tissues, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and more.
  • CJC-1295/Ipamorelin: Increases the repair and regeneration of cells. It also helps reduce body fat by encouraging fat stores to be burned for energy.

Many nutritional products are used in conjunction with peptides to speed recovery, such as Shilajit, Rhodiola, Glutamine and Alpha-GPC.  The same goes for Hormone Optimization,  both of which are topics for another day!

If you take training seriously or simply hate prolonged pain and soreness, it’s time to stop settling for old school strategies when there are far more beneficial options available.  Proper nutritional protocols, hormone optimization and peptide therapy can take recovery to a whole new level.  Reach out to me anytime for more information or questions!

Live Great,
Dr. Eric