Ever wonder what you should be eating before bed especially when you’re taking a prescription weight loss drug or appetite suppressant like Semaglutide or Mounjaro?

…or if you should be eating at all before bed?!

We hear, see, and read all sorts of conflicting information that can leave us a little confused and make it harder to make the “right” decisions for our goals. But the truth is … what we eat before bed can be the difference in whether we continue to make weight loss progress … or don’t. This is why I wrote this short blog to help answer your questions, and make sure you’re set up to get real results … even while you sleep!

In this blog, we will talk about what to eat before bed when you are taking a prescription weight loss drug or appetite suppressant like Semaglutide or Mounjaro. I know, I know … you’ve most likely heard that if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t eat 5 hours before going to sleep … but the truth is that eating before bed is not bad. Eating the wrong things before bed is what can lead to unfavorable results like unwanted weight gain.

I think one of the places the myth of not eating before bed comes from … is what people typically eat before bed. For many, it’s potato chips, cookies & milk, and high-calorie foods.

Sure the weight loss med helps manage your appetite & cravings but obviously adding additional awareness to cutting these out would decrease your calorie intake and could help with fat loss. And it’s important to note that while your body is in bed and sleeping … it’s going through a ton of processes to help you recover and prepare for the next day. Eating before bed, and eating protein specifically before bed, can help with these processes, and ultimately … help with your results!

What Foods Should I Eat Before Bed?

Bottom line, it’s protein.
A good habit to get into is having at least a protein source before bed. Ingesting protein before bed is a great idea, no matter if your goal is to lose weight, burn fat, or build muscle. This is because while you sleep, your body is in the repair and recovery process. It is working hard and burning calories to repair itself before the next day. By having a high-quality protein source before bed, you can help give your body the nutrients it needs to set yourself up for better results.

3 Benefits Of Protein Before Bed

It can help with…
1) Better recovery & sleep quality
2) Improving fat loss & reducing sweet cravings more
3) Promoting lean muscle growth

While that is not a complete list of benefits … I think it’s easy to see, even with just those 3, why it doesn’t matter if your goal is to burn fat or gain muscle … it can be beneficial to have protein before you go to bed either way. The amount of protein will change based on your goals, but muscle is the most metabolic tissue in the body, and protein feeds the muscle.

Whether you add a low-calorie, high-protein snack before bed, or even if you have to restructure your nutrition plan, the benefits of having 20 to 30 grams of protein before bed like baked chicked,turkey,cod,salmon or tuna fish can be well worth it!

Lastly, when you improve the qualities of the foods you eat, you can set yourself up for better weight loss results. Are you looking for help losing weight in a medically proven & physician directed way?

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