Are you finding it harder and harder to lose weight as you age? Do you gain weight way faster now? Is your clothing fitting too tight now? Research has shown that many people are likely to gain weight as they get older. Women can be expected to gain about 8 or 9 extra pounds, men can be seen to gain around 19 additional pounds. Not only does the weight gain increase with age but losing it becomes increasingly difficult at around the age of 28.

Hard time losing weight

There are a variety of reasons why losing weight becomes harder the older we are. There are several possibilities as to why this happens.

Physiological factors for weight loss

A decrease in muscle mass is partially to blame for the difficulties in weight loss. As the body ages, it also becomes less efficient, and there is a lack of energy. All of this culminates into a vicious cycle in which the once-strong muscle is replaced by fat. Additionally, having a decrease in muscle also leads to a slower metabolism. As a result of having a lower metabolism, the body becomes less and less efficient at burning glucose. This leftover glucose that simply remains in the body is later turned into fat, which makes us quickly gain weight.

Hormone Imbalances


A decrease in testosterone due to aging has a major impact on the ability to lose weight. It fuels metabolism, allows for muscle growth, and it also serves as a way for the body to use and burn fat more easily.


A key balance of progesterone and estrogen is present in a woman’s body. There is a decrease in the levels of these two hormones at around the age of 35-40. When this balance is disrupted, the regulation of fat, how it is used, and how it affects the body is seen in the effects it has on increased weight gain, particularly in the belly area.


With the everyday struggles and balances of life, weight loss is not always the number one top priority. work, family, and other responsibilities can keep us from looking after our bodies and health. It is also important to mention the indulgences that lead to weight gain: an appetite for unhealthy food, alcoholic beverages, and a lack of exercise.

Primex Weight Loss helps clients over 40 lose weight

Despite the difficulties that age and life present to us all when we want to lose weight, Primex Weight Loss can get around that with the use of our cutting-edge medical weight loss protocols and pharmaceuticals.

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