The Max Carb Plan


Yes, calories matter, you have to burn off more than you take in to lose weight. However, what you eat and when you eat are also very important. The types of foods you eat affect and are in turn regulated by multiple hormones, which in turn determine how much of your food is used versus being stored as fat.

The focus should not be about dieting or losing but more about building your body up!  The goal is to build muscle, strength, energy, discipline, and self-confidence.  It’s about building not only your body but a lifestyle that you can follow forever. 

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Tired of all the low-carb mania? Who wants to eat a big bowl of oatmeal? I LOVE my daily bowl of Loaded Oats.:)

Carbs are not evil – they have their place in every nutrition plan; everyone differs in how much and how often.

I created several tried and true hormonal optimization nutrition plans, several of which entail lower-carb and carb cycling plans. However, as I have mentioned before, everyone is different and we all need to find what works for us as individuals.