Cyclical Hypertrophy Fasting


To burn fat you need a caloric deficit along with a hormonally primed metabolism.  What does the work, is it calories or the hormones?  I believe it is the hormones.  A hormonally balanced diet almost always leads to a caloric deficit and this caloric deficit has the advantage of being individualized for the person rather than generated off of a standard one size fits all formula. 

Coming at it the other way, by taking a calorie first approach, eventually backfires because it induces insatiable compensatory reactions and primes the metabolism to gain more fat later. (the yo-yo effect).  To build muscle you need a caloric EXCESS and a hormonally primed metabolism for muscle growth.

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How would you like a weekly program that strips away fat and also builds more muscle?  In order to do this it’s necessary to naturally increase the body’s natural anabolic hormones in a consistent manner. These hormones are IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), testosterone, and growth hormone (GH). Insulin is another vital hormone that we can also control. 

We all know about the dangers of chronically elevated insulin levels.  However, by creating a timed and controlled release of insulin we can create the anabolic environment we desire, safely and effectively. By manipulating our macronutrients we can boost metabolic flexibility and time the release of these anabolic hormones to get the results we want!