Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the holidays, and the social events based around Christmas and the holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year, we get to see family, friends, and loved ones! In my view, it should be one of the happiest times of the year! But like many people who are into fitness, this time of year can actually be stressful and a great source of anxiety! It could be stress about what to eat, what to drink, how to work out, or maybe the overall fear of losing results you’ve gained! For many, it’s always the fear of eating “bad” food, regaining the weight I lost, and getting fat again. But … there’s good news. It doesn’t have to be this way, and in fact, shouldn’t be at all!

Here’s the thing I want everyone to understand — You can enjoy the holiday foods and parties without getting fat or feeling guilty. A few “cheat” meals will not drastically increase your weight. Just like a few days of ideal nutrition or dieting will not drastically decrease the number on the scale. Where we run into issues though … is if those few cheat meals turn into a few bad days. Then those days run into a week, and so on. Then if we stop working out … if we lose the momentum … if we justify “giving up” for the year, or taking a break until the start of 2024.

That is a recipe for disaster and where these things come into play. I don’t want that to happen to you this year. That is why I am giving you my 3 best keys to help you enjoy the holidays while staying on track toward your weight loss, health and fitness goals!

  1. Protein Rules

Eating adequate amounts of protein is important every day and it’s especially important during the holidays! Protein will help keep you full, curb cravings, and keep you in an anabolic state. This can be very good for fat loss! When you add in travel, different schedules, and other factors that upend your normal routine it will be even more challenging! In normal, day-to-day routines, one of the most common struggles for people is getting enough protein. On top of that, many of the holiday favorite foods are not good sources of protein. You will easily be able to get the carbs and fats you need for hitting your macros, just don’t forget about protein! This is true for both men and women, people who want to lose weight, and people who want to gain weight. Plus, by having protein in your meals and during the day, you will stay full longer, which will help eliminate mindless snacking and keep you from continually going back for more Holiday Christmas cookies!

  1. Don’t Overindulge

Remember, these dinners and gatherings are about the people you are with, not the food you eat! Piling your plate as high as you can might get a few laughs as you pass through the kitchen or make for an interesting IG Story but 10 minutes later you are going to be full and most likely miserable. Instead, a more sensible approach that won’t leave you feeling unsatisfied or guilty is to simply have your favorite foods, no matter what they are, in an appropriate portion. When you do make your plate, a helpful tip is to start with your protein source. Just make sure to get a good 6 oz serving of protein on your plate first, so you don’t forget it. Next, add your favorite sides and put a normal-sized portion on your plate. These portions can be something along the lines of half, to a full, clenched fist-sized serving. The rest of the room on the plate can be filled with salad or any vegetables being served.

  1. Move Your Body

We all know the holidays can get busy. Our schedules and routines will be interrupted. You may not get to have your “ideal” workout every day or hardly at all. Every day, you can do something to move your body, get a good sweat going, and take steps toward your goals. No matter where you are, you can get a workout in.

Bodyweight Movements – When’s the last time you did 20-100 push-ups for a chest workout? Probably a while but it works. The bottom line is that it’s your fault if you don’t work out through the holidays. As I said above, it might not be perfect, but how often is anything in life perfect? Remember, your results weren’t achieved in a meal or a day, and they won’t be lost or ruined by a meal or a day.

Focus on controlling what you can control. Focus on enjoying the time with loved ones. By doing so, you can make sure that you are closing out 2023 strong and ready to start January and 2024 off right! Refocused and ready to go! Despite the difficulties that age and life present to us all when we want to lose weight, can get around that with the use of our cutting-edge medical weight loss protocols and pharmaceuticals.

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