Making the decision to use medical weight loss treatment in the form of pharmaceuticals could give you the extra boost you need to lose unwanted pounds because sometimes it can be helpful to get a hand with weight loss.

What are weight loss drugs?

Weight loss drugs are simply put drugs that you take or inject to help you lose weight. As for how they work, they work in several ways and have different effects from person to person. Some accelerate metabolism and others increase the rate at which you burn fat while others reduce your appetite or limit how much fat and calories your body can absorb from food.

They’re primarily available as a prescription medication such as at Dr Eric’s Primex. Some are available as over the counter drugs. Ideally, they should be taking as part of an overall approach to weight loss. That includes healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle. They aren’t made to be a standalone weight loss solution. Dietary drugs tend to be prescribed by medical physicians. in combination with diet and exercise to people who have a significant amount of weight to lose. Typically, a body mass index or BMI of 27 or higher

Weight loss medication is available via prescription again such as at Dr Eric’s Primex or at times over the counter and are designed to help people work towards their weight loss goals. It’s important to add the following to a comprehensive medical treatment for weight loss.

  1. Adding regular exercise with a mixture of cardio aerobics and resistance strength training during the week can help you burn calories naturally.
  2. Healthy balanced nutrition. Make sure you are consistently eating a healthy diet that supports your weight loss goals and gives nutrition to your body.
  3. Know your BMI or your body mass index at BMI of between 25 and 30 is considered overweight, and one that’s over 30 is classed as obese. The higher your BMI, the greater your risk of weight related diseases.

It is important to know and consider any preexisting medical conditions before you embark upon medical weight loss treatment. For some people, weight gain may be genetic and or caused by medical condition. Certain medication can also lead to weight gain too. Before putting a weight loss plan into place, speak to your physician to see if there are any underlying medical reasons you may need to factor in. If you’re in need of a physician please contact Dr Eric Fete at Primex.

Weight loss is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right strategy and perseverance, it can pay big dividends.

How do diet and weight loss drugs work?

No product can melt fat off your body for you. That’s wishful thinking, but they can make a noticeable difference to your weight, body fat percentage and lower your BMI. Diet drugs work in several different ways, some of which I’ve listed below.

  • They can give you more energy so you can move your body more during the day and increase your calorie output.
  • They can help you burn more calories, curb hunger, and suppress appetite because the drugs contain properties that can help you feel fuller, less hungry, and better able to resist treats and unhealthy snacks because you don’t feel as hungry all of the time.
  • They can boost metabolism,
  • They can break down fat.

Are diet and weight loss drugs safe?

Most medication, including dietary drugs, can affect people in different ways. Most dietary drugs are FDA approved for safety, but it’s always important to consult with your personal physician before taking weight loss drugs and only take the prescribed amount and for the recommended period.

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By Dr. Eric Fete, The Fitness Physician, certified bio identical hormone optimization & weight loss  expert and founder of Primex Cellular Nutrition and Fitness [Available live in Ohio or online tele-medicine nationwide].