Burning off the foods we eat and dropping weight can be difficult for many, and this becomes more true as we age. Each year over 40, metabolism slows down, which makes it easier to put on a few pounds here or there, and much harder to lose them. With the atrophy of muscle mass, the tendency to slow down as the years go by, and a diet that may not be the most nutritious,  it can be challenging to stay in shape.

However, speeding up your metabolism increases the number of calories your body burns while at rest and while moving, which can lead to weight loss. By cleaning up your diet, working out more often and leading a healthier lifestyle, you can speed up your metabolism and make it easier to keep those stubborn extra pounds away.

What is Metabolism?

Basically: metabolism is the process where your body converts food and drink into energy. It’s commonly mistaken that your metabolism only kicks in when exercising, but this isn’t true; even at rest, your body is naturally burning calories and turning them into energy.

Things like breathing, your heart pumping, your brain working, regulating temperature, or healing a bruise all need a level of energy to be performed. Think about it like your body is maintaining itself—this is called your BMR “basal metabolic rate.”

The speed of your metabolism is determined by several influential factors. These include:

  • Sex
  • Body type
  • Weight
  • Muscle mass
  • Family genes
  • Age
  • Activity level

Some environmental factors can affect your metabolism as well. Drugs are taken, extreme heat or cold, and your diet plays heavily into how quickly or slowly your metabolism works! As you get older, your muscles typically atrophy and  your metabolism tends to slow down, so making a conscious effort to control your diet and exercise more especially weight training can contribute a great deal to your metabolic rate.


When you eat food or drink water, your metabolism speeds up to begin turning the food into energy. Your body needs more calories to absorb and process the nutrients you’re taking in, so the metabolism adjusts to do this.

When your metabolism is faster, you naturally burn more calories when at rest and when exercising, which makes it easier to lose weight. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to speed it up!

Eat More Protein

One of the easier changes to make to speed up your metabolism is to eat more protein. Protein needs much more energy to digest and process than most other nutrients.

As you age, it’s common to lose some of your muscle mass, and protein helps quite a bit with retaining muscle. While eating more protein won’t single-handedly make you lose weight and gain muscle, it plays a big part in both!

Drink Water

It’s never a bad idea to drink a little more water every day. But did you know it can help speed up the metabolism and help with weight loss?

The brain often misinterprets thirst for hunger. By drinking more water, especially when hungry, you’re decreasing how much you’ll be eating since you’ll feel less hungry throughout the day.

Exercise More

Exercise, especially lifting weights is always one of the best ways to lose some weight, build muscle mass, and speed up your metabolism. Muscle burns calories naturally even when at rest due to your metabolism, so when you increase your muscle mass, you’re increasing your metabolic rate!

How Fast Can You Speed Up Your Metabolism?

At the end of the day, it’s never easy to drastically change your lifestyle. But by eating the right foods, drinking more water, and exercising more, you’ll be able to speed up your metabolism and help keep those extra few pounds away.

It’s important to remember, that focusing on your diet and exercising more is the most efficient way to speed up your metabolism.

Despite the difficulties that age and life present to us all when we want to lose weight, Primex Weight Loss can get around that with the use of our cutting-edge medical weight loss protocols and pharmaceuticals.

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