How many reps for how many sets are best for maximal muscle growth and strength? Well, there are literally hundreds of great reps and sets schemes out there. Here’s another interesting one I read about from Charles Poliquin.

This one comes from André Maillé. He was not only super muscular, but also brutally strong. As in curling with his back against a post with 225lbs (102.5 kg) for 12 reps, and executing a Press behind the neck with 315lbs for reps.

The system goes like this:

  • 1. Pick a weight you can do 5 sets of 6 comfortably with.
  • 2. Your goal is to achieve 5 sets of 9 before you increase the weight.
  • 3. Every second workout do 2 forced reps on the last set to increase time under tension.

Simple and effective!
So it could look like this:

Workout 1


Workout 2

9,8,6,6,6 + 2 forced reps

Workout 3


Workout 4

9,9, 8,7,6 + 2 forced reps

Workout 5


Workout 6

9,9,9,9,8 + 2 forced reps

Workout 7


* time to increase the weight till you are back down to 5 x 6. For small muscle groups, 5 kg is the norm. 10 kg for large muscle groups.

Usually 2 exercises per body part are used with this system. So this routine works, especially for people interested in gaining solid mass and strength. Try it out and let me know what you think!