Hormone Therapy for Women Near Me in Zanesville, OH

Women have come to accept that hot flashes and mood swings are a normal part of menopause and aging. But what if there was a way to ease menopausal symptoms? With his hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Eric Fete helps women experiencing hormonal imbalances in Zanesville and the surrounding areas. 

Hormone Therapy in Zanesville

Our hormones change and fluctuate as we age, causing negative feelings and other side effects. Dr. Eric Fete, DO founder of PrimeX, provides hormone therapy and other wellness services to clients in Zanesville, Columbus, Canton, and the surrounding areas. He creates personalized recommendations and support options to improve your hormone levels, health, and wellness. 

Peptide therapies work amazingly well when combined with a customized hormone optimization and nutrition program. Peptide treatments are a great way to increase overall health, wellness, and vitality. Dr. Eric’s peptide treatments are administered as part of an overall age management plan. He uses safe and effective peptides that have powerful and life-changing effects. 

Some common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women include:

  • Weight gain
  • Increased feelings of anger
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Premenstrual symptoms
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Headaches
  • Weak bones
  • Brittle Hair

Hormone Therapy for Women FAQ

Millions of women suffer from hormonal imbalance, whether from added stress at work, early menopause, perimenopause symptoms, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, menopause, or premenstrual symptoms,

How Do You Optimize Female Hormones?

  1. Consume an adequate amount of protein at every meal
  2. Engage in regular exercise to include strength training and aerobic activity
  3. Avoid foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates
  4. Reduce stress with meditation, yoga, massage, etc.
  5. Avoid trans fats
  6. Eat healthy, natural fats
  7. Don’t consume too many calories or too few
  8. Drink green tea
  9. Eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids, like fish
  10. Get adequate sleep 
  11. Cut-out sugary beverages
  12. Consume a diet high in fiber
  13. Eat eggs
  14. Drink less alcohol

What is Hormone Optimization?

Hormone optimization aims to improve hormone function when your body fails to produce hormones as it should. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a type of hormone therapy that uses hormones that are chemically identical to the ones naturally produced by our bodies rather than synthetic or animal-derived hormones.

What is The Difference Between Bioidentical and Synthetic Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are purified from plant sources and are identical to hormones made in the human body. Synthetic hormones are man-made and may differ in molecular structure from those produced in the body. 

What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make To Help Balance My Hormones?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting regular exercise, reducing stress, and getting adequate sleep can all help to balance hormones naturally. Additionally, avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods can go a long way towards restoring hormone balance.

Hormone Therapy Clients in Zanesville, OH

Dr. Fete is here to help ease the discomfort of hormonal imbalances in women living in Zanesville or the surrounding area. Amelia Earhart dubbed Zanesville “The most recognizable city in the country” because of its unique Y-shaped bridge. Zanesville is also famous for being the pottery capital of the world. 

At Dr. Fete’s office, we offer hormone optimization therapy and other hormone balancing treatments to help women in Zanesville, OH and the surrounding area. Our hormone optimization treatments are tailored to the individual, helping to balance hormones, reduce the symptoms of hormonal imbalances, and improve overall health and well-being. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. If you live in Zanesville or nearby, contact Dr. Fete to schedule a consultation.

For More Information

If you are ready to feel calmer, more comfortable, and more energized, contact Dr. Eric at Prime-X, and he’ll support you with his hormone therapy. Most symptoms of hormonal imbalance are reversible, especially with a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Eric will help you devise a plan for a healthier, happier you.