Hormone Specialist Near Me in Columbus, OH

Dr. Eric Fete helps his patients achieve an increase in their overall health, wellness, and vitality through the utilization of safe and effective peptide therapies. The office of Dr. Fete is proud to serve Columbus, OH, Zanesville, OH, and  the surrounding counties. Some of the issues that we assist you with include weight loss, sexual health (such as erectile dysfunction), immune health, and decreased muscle mass.

We Offer Advanced Peptide Therapy

Hormone Specialist Near Me in Columbus, OH

As you age, your body may experience a decrease in its levels of growth hormones. This decrease can affect many areas in your life which can also begin to affect your overall mood and outlook on life. Individuals suffering from low levels of hormones and the amino acids necessary to produce them may experience such issues as trouble with losing weight, trouble in the bedroom (erectile dysfunction), as well as other sexual health issues, and  a decrease in their immune health or even muscle mass.

Peptide Therapy is reportedly becoming more and more common with individuals who are seeking to improve their health and overall wellbeing. And with the many benefits that can be achieved through this therapy, it is easy to see why.

We Serve The Columbus, OH Area

We are proud to serve the area of Columbus, OH. We also serve the surrounding areas of Cincinnati, OH, and Canton, OH, among others. The city is surrounded by the Scioto River and has a population of more than 880,000.

Common Questions About Advanced Peptide Therapy

A few commonly asked questions regarding peptide therapy are discussed below:

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Peptide therapy is the use of lab made peptides in order to achieve different types of transitions both internally and externally. With age and time your bodies begin to go through various changes such as a lowering or loss of hormones within the body that regulate such areas of your lives including our sexual, physical, and immune health. Peptide therapy is a way to sort of mimic abilities in certain focused areas of the body. This mimicking of abilities allows the body to begin to function on a normal level once more.

Does Peptide Therapy Have Anti-Aging Benefits?

Yes! Retaining a youthful glow and look can be achieved through the use of anti-aging peptide therapy. The reduction of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as an increase in hair growth and much more is obtainable through peptide therapy. And with these external anti-aging benefits occurring, we begin to feel younger or better internally, as well. We feel good when we look good, right?

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