Hormone Specialist Near Me in Canton, OH

Are you looking for hormone replacement therapy in the Canton, OH area? If so, then visit Dr. Eric Fete at Prime X Nutrition and Fitness. Dr. Fete specializes in hormone replacement therapy as a part of his philosophy. Contact our office for a personalized treatment plan.

Hormone Specialist Near Me in Canton, OH

Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Hormone replacement therapy is also referred to as BHRT. It can be administered through topical solutions, orally as a medication or even through injections for a more direct approach. The hormones provided are matched to your own on a chemical level with the same exact structures. In other words, your body recognizes these hormones as your own.

Dr. Fete believes that due to lack of hormonal balance in both men and women, it leads to sluggish behavior. Increased stress, symptoms of depression, and decreased motivation and sex drive. As people age they believe this to be normal. Age is just a number, you should always feel young and free. 

We Serve The Canton, OH Area

If you are in Canton or its surrounding areas such as Columbus or Zaneville, then you are close to Prime X Nutrition and Fitness. With a population of 70,000+, Dr. Fete has been able to help his community, one client at a time. Canton, OH is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is the birthplace of the National Football League.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Hormone Replacement

If you are considering hormone replacement therapy then here are some of the most commonly asked questions. 

How Do I Know If Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Right For Me?

If you have been experiencing a low sex drive, mood swings, inability to sleep, depression, or loss of motivation, Then hormone replacement therapy may be right for you. After evaluation from your doctor, they can pinpoint what the next steps for you will be.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Be For Men And Women?

Yes, hormone replacement therapy is for both men and women. Afterall, we are all human. If you are experiencing any drops in mood or motivation, you could be experiencing an imbalance in your hormones. Which means you could benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

How Long Can You Do Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

It is generally recommended to only do hormone replacement therapy for 2-3 years. Generally you and your doctor will discuss a plan that is best for you and your needs. Slowly weaning off the therapy once you begin to feel full relief of symptoms. 

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