Hormone Doctor Near Me in Zanesville, OH

Are you tired of becoming a victim to your menopausal symptoms? Perhaps as a man, you’re tired of feeling low energy and low libido. Whatever the issue, Dr. Fete at Prime X Cellular can help you! Our team specializes in hormones and can help you regain the quality of your life! Learn how hormone therapy can help you.

We Specialize In HormonesHormone Doctor Near Me in Zanesville, OH

Our team takes a holistic approach to hormone therapy. Getting to know you on a one-on-one level, learning your daily routine, diet and exercise habits, medical background and any other underlying factors. Once this is completed our staff creates a specialized care plan that is suited to you and your needs specifically. Hormone therapy is for men and women and everyone needs help regulating their hormones from time to time, especially as we age.

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If you find yourself near Zanesville, OH or its surrounding areas such as Canton or Columbus, then you are close to our office. Zanesville was established back in 1800 and has a current population of over 24,000 residents. Our office proudly serves our community every day, one person at a time. If you find yourself near our office, stop by and get to know the team. We would be more than happy to discuss what we do and how we can help you.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hormones

If you are thinking about undergoing hormone therapy but still have some questions. Then check out our most frequently asked questions about hormones and hormone therapy below! 

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Fit For Hormone Therapy? 

If you suffer from mood swings, headaches, unexplained weight loss/gain or fatigue. Then you could be a good candidate for hormone therapy. Your hormones have the ability to affect a lot about the quality of your life. 

What Are The Benefits Of Undergoing Hormone Optimization? 

Benefits of hormone therapy include increased energy, libido, decrease in the risk of depression/anxiety and a better ability to regulate your weight. Hormone therapy also assists in a better sleep schedule and even helps with a better gym performance! 

Does Hormone Therapy Work Fast? 

It takes between 1-3 weeks of hormone therapy to begin noticing its effects. To realize its full effects it would take around 3 months of hormone therapy. So in short, hormone therapy helps relieve symptoms fairly quickly.

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If you are ready to take a leap of faith and do something good for yourself. Then call Dr. Fete at Prime X Cellular today for a consultation! Don’t suffer from the effects of aging and get control of your life again. We all need help regulating our hormones at one point or another, come see us today.