30 Day Challenge

Is your body in need of a total body transformation? Optimize your metabolism to burn fat!

We all struggle with the daily grind – work, errands. Working out and eating healthy is always the last thing we make time for. We all want to be healthy, lose weight, have more energy, look better, and feel better about ourselves, right?

How many times have you said enough is enough – only to put it off?

Then you feel bad, and reach for some comfort food and then feel even worse! This is just a vicious cycle that leads to weight gain, low self esteem, and a host of medical problems down the road. So why can’t you lose weight, or lose it – only to gain it right back again? The reason is you are not METABOLICALLY OPTIMIZED!

Would you like to optimize your metabolism according to your body type? If so, you are a prime candidate for …


Dr. Eric Fete and Jeff McClendon have partnered up to create the ultimate health and fitness program to jump start your metabolism. Lose those unwanted pounds for good, and achieve optimal health!

Here you will learn how to:

  • Eat for your body type.
  • Exercise for your body type and lifestyle.
  • Optimize your metabolism.
  • Lose the fat for good.
  • Replenish your hormones and regain your vitalityl

What’s Included:

  • 30 day body type specific nutrition plan to maximize weight loss.
  • 30 day jump start training program to optimize metabolism and burn fat.
  • FREE consultation with Dr. Fete.
  • Discounted supplementation plan.
  • Weekly Q & A session via email.

dr eric prime x the fitness physicianEric Fete D.O. is the founder of Relentless Vitality, an age management, health and peak performance company. It provides nutrition products, books and personalized coaching plans for your total body transformation.

Dr. Eric’s motto is “Learning from the past, living for today, transforming the future.” He is a graduate of Miami University with a BA in microbiology and a medical degree from the prestigious Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine.

He is also certified in Age Management Medicine. Dr. Eric’s background includes a lifetime of nutrition and athletic experience; his primary involvement being wrestling and martial arts. He is also an avid practitioner of meditation.

He owns and maintains the premier cosmetic medical practice in Ohio called Artemis Health Center. He has worked nearly a decade in the ER, does counseling at an addiction clinic, and is an avid health and fitness enthusiast.

jeff mclendon and dr eric prime x the fitness physicianJeff Mclendon is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and is dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs and fitness goals of his clients. Jeff’s philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning.

He works towards enhancing the well-being of his clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance, and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life.

Jeff’s background includes a lifetime of athletic experiences that have helped him train many student athletes in the areas of soccer, football, baseball, and softball side. As a father of two active boys, he understands the limited time constraints of his clients. He focuses on creating nutrition and fitness programs that fit the individual needs of each client.

This program will be the beginning of your journey. Continue on to the next phase – part ll, and learn even more!

Welcome to Complete Relentless Vitality!

dr eric prime x the 30 day challenge

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